This document is a living document that is written for the people, by the people of our state. Activate Alabama wants to restore power to the people and help create a government that works for and represents all of us.

Platform Priorities

  1. Eradicate poverty in Alabama and work to improve the lives of Alabamians living in/near poverty. Secure a living wage for all Alabamians.
  2. Promote common sense gun safety laws and reduce gun violence.
  3. Healthcare is a human right. Provide affordable healthcare for all, expand Medicaid in Alabama, and support reproductive rights and access to safe abortions. Provide paid maternity and family leave for all workers. 
  4. Dismantling the systems of legislation and regulation that directly and indirectly disenfranchise and disempower others based on gender, race, sexual orientation (anti-racism, pro LGBTQ+, anti-supremacy).
  5. Dismantle systems of oppression and advance racial justice and equity.
  6. Election/Voting Reform:
    • Fight for statewide fair maps, including a statewide ballot referendum if needed. This should include a mandate for partisan fairness on all electoral maps within the state.
    • Endorse alternatives to first-past-the-post voting, including ranked-choice voting, single transferable vote, and approval voting.
    • Work to either abolish or make redundant the Electoral College system of electing Presidents and Vice Presidents, including an endorsement of the National Popular Vote Compact.
    • Explore constitutional reforms to the US Senate, including proportional representation, weakening the powers of the Senate, and full abolition. With this, we would have to explore either constitutional amendments or a full rewrite of a new Constitution.
  7. Environmental justice: We must support initiatives and legislation that prevent and stop communities of color and/or low-income communities from bearing the worst impacts of pollution and climate change.
  8. Protect democracy: We need to protect our democracy by getting money out of politics, eliminating political corruption, and assuring and expanding access to the ballot box.
  9. Criminal Justice Reform: End the era of mass incarceration. We need to stop normalizing mass incarceration and the billions of dollars we spend on building new prisons when we should be funding education and mental health programs/centers instead. We need to be proactive in preventing crime and less reactive in our approach. 
  10. End Corporate Rule: We are fighting for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people rather than a government that serves and is run by corporations and lobbyists and benefits the wealthy. 

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